Forged garden fence in top quality

Garden fence is very importnat element of home. Originally the garden fence was used as a garden gate to keep the animals on property or not let foreing animals to get to the property. Today the garden fence is mainly use for limitation and designation of the property and last but not least it has aesthetic function. Garden fence can be made in various forms and designs, charasteristic for region and its history. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

In our company we create forged garden fences. Garden fence made from wrought iron has several advantages. The most importnat is long life and easy maintenance. Furthermore the fence is made in many shapes. Colors, forms and measures are variable and can be adjusted to customer needs.

You can find desings on our website, but we always try to fulfill the ideas of our customers and meet all of their wishes. We emphasize on personal interview to plan your garden fence together. We do not offer industrial products but solely hand work. We always try to implement every feasible project. WE can also make garden fences in unusual measures.

In joint planning we connect requirements of our customers with our knowledge and abillities so every customer can get fence that fits his house and meets his requirements. We make garden fences individualy, therefore is not possible to mention specific prices on our website. Anyhow, besides the top quality we maintain a competitive and transparent prices, which will surely delight our customers.

Forged garden fence-maintenance:

Forged fences should be washed every 2 years with water without cleaners. This prevents the settling of algae and moss. Algae and moss arise from the dust and rainwater. If you prevent their formation you will enjoy you garden fence a much longer time. If you are interested we provide professional cleaning. We prepare quotation on request.
Forged garden fence - Hot dip galvanizing and powder coating

Forged garden fence - Hot dip galvanizing and powder coating

Hot dip galvanizing:

In hot dip galvanizing is the steel after appropriate treatment dipped into aproximetly 450 degrees hot molten zink. Zink and steel reacts together. On the surface of steal is created alloy of steal and zink. With this inseparable connection of zink and steel is created an protection which is different from any other process. Surfaces trated with hot dip galvanizing are protected not only against influence of wind and weather but also optimaly against mechanical load. In normal conditions the hot dip galvanizing procects against corossion 50 years and even with higher load about 25 years.

Powder coating:

Powder coating is process , where the components of aluminium , steel or hot dipped galvanized steel are coated with polyester or polyester-epoxi powder with electrostatic charge. Powder is burn at about 200 degrees and merge with glaze. This creates very hard and strong surface( more resistant than paint). Further you can choose from many colours with poweder coating. Hot dip Galvanized components are then powder coated.

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