Wrought iron fences for demanding - Forged fences will make them!

Wrought garden fences exist a long time and they were maid to keep the animals on property or not let foreign animals to get to the property. Meanwhile the fences in most regions are standard equipment of house and characterize different regions.

Wrought iron fence - hand made - Forged fences

Nowadays their main goal is to limit the property. Local particularities disappears nowadays and types of fences are diverse. There are fences from various materials, such as wrought iron, wood, wire, etc in many forms and designs.

Wrought iron fences do not only limit the property but are more and more used as aesthetic element. Meanwhile the fences are made so individually, that anyone can has fence that best fits his house.

Besides this, fence has also many different functions such as protection against noise, vision, etc. The material should be chosen according to importance of the function .

In our company we specialize in wrought iron fences. Wrought iron is very stable material for fences with many ways of processing. Besides, our fences are easy to maintain and has long life. That´s why our fences is good investment, because they have longer life than other fences.

In addition wrought iron fences are optical enhancement of house or garden. You can find selection of different models which show how many various fences exist on our website.

Treatment fences - Forged fences mastered his craft:

Hot dip galvanizing:

In hot dip galvanizing is the steel after appropriate treatment dipped into approximate 450 degrees hot molten zinc. Zinc and steel reacts together. On the surface of steal is created alloy of steal and zinc. With this inseparable connection of zinc and steel is created an protection which is different from any other process. Surfaces crated with hot dip galvanizing are protected not only against influence of wind and weather but also optimal against mechanical load. In normal conditions the hot dip galvanizing protect against corrosion 50 years and even with higher load about 25 years.

Powder coating:

Powder coating is process , where the components of aluminum , steel or hot dipped galvanized steel are coated with polyester or polyester-epoxy powder with electrostatic charge. Powder is burn at about 200 degrees and merge with glaze. This creates very hard and strong surface( more resistant than paint). Further you can choose from many colors with powder coating. Hot dip Galvanized components are then powder coated.

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