Forged Fence in top quality

Wrought iron is a material, you can made many things from. In our company we use wrought iron to create many types of fences and gates. Wrought iron has long life and has easy maintenance , that's why is great for garden fence, entrance gate, and everything that is exposed to outside weather .

Wrought iron fence - galvanizing and powder coating - Forged fences

Thanks to hot dip galvanizing and surface treatment with powder coating we can create wrought iron fences in various colors and add to the masterpiece additional, distinct undertone. Further the wrought iron will be more resistent to adverse effect of environment.

Our customer can choose from various designs and models or we can create his fence to his expectations and requirements. Wrought Iron is easy to form and the look of fence or gate can be with classic or modern ornaments in various design. With our fences and gates from wrought iron we can satisfy almost every of your wishes concerning color or shape.

We process the wrought iron solely with hand and don’t make industrial products. Therefore we can realize everything that is related with wrought iron. Of course we provide expert advice and mainly planning. Fence or gate from wrought iron has to have the right measure. Thanks to individual hand manufacture we can fulfill very specific wishes of our customers. We design your wrought iron fence or gate together in personal interview and of course take later changes and wishes into consideration. Atypical measures are no problem , we try to fulfill every wish of our customer.

Forged Fence treatment

Hot dip galvanizing:

In hot dip galvanizing is the steel after appropriate treatment dipped into approximate 450 degrees hot molten zinc. Zinc and steel reacts together. On the surface of steal is created alloy of steal and zinc. With this inseparable connection of zinc and steel is created an protection which is different from any other process. Surfaces crated with hot dip galvanizing are protected not only against influence of wind and weather but also optimal against mechanical load. In normal conditions the hot dip galvanizing protect against corrosion 50 years and even with higher load about 25 years.


Oberflächenbehandlung durch einbrennen von Polyesterpulver bei ca. 200 °C. Dadurch ergibt sich eine sehr harte und starke Oberfläche (strapazierfähiger als Lackierung). Außerdem bietet die Pulverbeschichtung eine große Farbauswahl an (z.B. nach RAL-Karte u.v.m.). Die feuerverzinkten Elemente werden nach dem Verzinken pulverbeschichtet.

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