Whether the garden fence or garden gate, Forged fences it takes!

Here you can see our work and the most popular models! To enlarge the picture, click on it!


Forged garden fence model Venezia, without spikes, with flower, circles and baskets.One of our top models, playful and modern! Design layout options are open, the wrought version works uniquely.


Our garden fence Padua is a classic! This fence is galvanized, powder-coated, available in black and white.Wrought iron in its most beautiful form.


Our garden fence Ragusa is a popular model in the luxury version! Perfectly suited for a variety of fencing in various heights. Profiles and belts are forged, bars are twisted.Decorative parts are based on the center outwards! Variations of this model are possible, of course. Available is also patinated.


Messina was reconstructed according to old patterns at the customer's request. It is a perfect combination in valued customers.We have adapted staircase railing as accurately as possible. Railing we have adapted to the staircase as accurately as possible. Dark wooden stairs highlight exclusive design. Balustrade railings indoor thus increased the value of the house and enchant visitors.


Here you can see our door system Bernhardo. Exclusive sophisticated design of this version is suitable for a wall.Model Bernhardo emphasizes exclusivity.It is a masterpiece of blacksmiths.


Here is a blacksmith art in formats such as balcony railings Easy. Bars of flat steel curved outwards. Popular, easy, cost-effective model.


Here is a fence and gate system Wien. This exclusive model was constructed from old photos, matching the villas in Gumpoldskirchen in Austria. Every detail is precisely prepared according to the original master.


Fence elements combined with two entry gates and with one entry door. Fence Grado is a top semicircular completed, the bottom deliberately simple and central cones are inserted.


Garden gate and fence Jesolo are naturally hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. Jesolo stands out because of expensively redone the fence field with twisted bars and double semicircle.


Our model Koper is a playful fence element.Above is bold end, through which many arcs sounds artistically.At the bottom are massive bars in the direct formats.Centrally located with a massive pillar arches.


Garden fence - gate.Firenze is an elegant model, which may increase the value of your house. Gold-plated elements make this model something special.


Our garden fence Lignano is a model of solid wrought iron. It is available as garden gate, garden fence or gate. Two massive arches, including the playful motifs such conclusion. It works very nice in green.


Garden fance Mailand looks very elegant. The overall impression is enhanced by a massive double leaf gate made of wrought iron. Pillars emphasize the field fences. Specificity, it is an elaborate cast-iron elements.


Garden fence and gate system Monfalcone there is available in various designs. It is an artfully made model, which despite its made of wrought iron does not work as bulky. Two massive arches with rounded elements than the upper end. Of course, there are other possible variations.


Model Nizza consists of wrought fence elements with massive curved bars and double leaf gate in a straight line. Bent bars look very artistic.


Balcony railings Panini enchant you with its graceful appearance. Fine element gives it a special effect. Note playful circles at the bottom.


Garden fence and entry gate model Selda - here stand out feature of wrought iron. It is worth noting his artistic development. It is a jewel garden fences and gates.


Our entry gate Pisa is a model of the series with cast-iron elements.


Our double leaf gate and entry gate Sizilia made of wrought iron with two rows of spices. In the middle is embedded floral motif. Different variants are possible. We like to incorporate into the goal and your initials.


Art gate Tolmin is made of wrought iron of the best quality. Gold-plated element in the middle highlights the playfulness of this exclusive model.


Fence and gate system Trento - of course it is all wrought iron, no aluminum. Wrought iron just says it all.


Beautiful garden gate - very artistically elaborated.


Fence elements, double gates, stairs and balcony - Udine model with spices as fence element. The interesting thing is curved element.


Garden fence Vesuv - small wrought fence field with supporting pillars, fastened to the walls. Decorative twisted bars.

Spezial realizations - we full fill wishes our clients

Here you can see our special models , which we made exactly according to the wishes of our customers.

YOU CAN SHOW US YOUR OWN IDEAS, TOO. No extra charge for changes reserved!

Specific design pavilion

We also produce pavilions of all sizes and exactly adapted to the requirements of our customers.

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