3 reasons to choose Forged fences:

Wir sind die Zaunschmiede und erfüllen jeden Ihrer Wünsche

  • Whole surface hot dip galvanizing (we don’t use blasting)
  • WE use sweeping before powder coating SWEEPING (disruption of zinc surface for better adhesion)
  • Powder coating Firing (the same as in car painting)

We can fulfill every wish you have!

Gates and fences are important aesthetic element of every house or estate. Individual elaboration is important- that’s what Forged fences offers

Everything from one source!

And we do not talk about industrial products but about individual solutions , which are known for zaunschmeide.eu. Planning of gates and fences is important step. We set together with you the look of your fence or gate. Only if we know your expectations, our personal can made your dreams come true. Expert advice and quotation are for free. We offer professional blacksmith work and we can promise you will be satisfied with your fence or gate from Forged fences. We can also realize unusual whisses and challenging projects without problems. All of our fences and gates are made to measure. From planning to assembly you get everything on one place from one source, the professionals at zaunschmiede.eu.

Depends on the material

Everything from zauschmiede.eu (fences, gates) is made from wrought iron, because with this material we can realize your every wish without compromises. Wrought iron is the best for requirements which are imposed for material in production of gates and fences. On one hand is very resistent against outside weather , on the other hand is really easy to form. With hot dip galvanizing and powder coating is not only possible to raise the natural resistance, but also add color emphases that make the gates and fences from zaunschmiede.eu even more exceptional and unique.

Personal offer

Our prices are adapted to your needs and requirements are calculated for every demand, because zaunschmiede.eu do not offer any industrial products. We gladly prepare personal offer, which will not only persuade you about our quality work but also about the competitive of forged fences.

We are looking forward to your orders!

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